Your doctor may have suggested either a colonoscopy or endoscopy if you’ve been experiencing stomach problems. While both techniques examine the same anatomical region, they are put to different diagnostic uses. Endoscopy Brownsville is your one-stop shop for digestive health checks and preventative care. In addition, it offers Gerd and Heartburn Treatment in Brooklyn for those who are concerned about their digestive health. 



Emptying the stomach is necessary for a thorough and risk-free examination. Expect the patient to fast for at least six hours before the surgery. 

The patient must notify the doctor of all current drugs, allergies, and health conditions before scheduling the surgery. In addition to determining whether or not antibiotics are necessary before the procedure, the doctor can also use this data to rule out certain medications from being used during the examination if the patient has an allergy to them. With this knowledge, the person scheduling the endoscopy can advise the patient on whether or not any drugs must be avoided or altered before the surgery. 

If the doctor is aware that the individual has serious health issues, such as cardiac or respiratory illnesses, they will be able to take extra precautions. 



There are a variety of colonoscopy preparations available to ensure a thorough and precise operation. The directions for the precleanse are given in great detail to the patients. This typically entails consuming huge quantities of a particular cleansing solution or going on a transparent drink diet and using diuretics or enemas for multiple days before the test. If you don’t follow them, you risk having an unreliable test or not being able to see the colon lining clearly (due to leftover stool). 

Some patients are also asked to abstain from eating a particular food, such as red Jell-O, red string cheese, and seeds, for a few days before undergoing surgery. 

While most prescription drugs should be used as prescribed, there is always the chance that an exam could be hampered by your medication. Informing the provider about all of the drugs you’re currently using, both prescription and over-the-counter is a good idea. The use of some medications, such as aspirin and blood thinners like warfarin (Coumadin), as well as medications for arthritis, diabetes, and iron, may necessitate specific dosing and storage recommendations. The one who’s doing the test also needs to know about any sensitivities or serious conditions the patient has. Notify the medical provider if you have ever needed to take antibiotics before having surgery or dental work done in order to prevent infection. 


What follows a colonoscopy or an endoscopy? 

After undergoing either of these tests, you may be wondering, “Now what?” Before your appointment, obtain a full ride from a family member or a relative.No matter how well you may feel following surgery, you will not be allowed to drive. Sedation impairs cognition, reduces responsiveness, and induces sleep. 

 Both surgeries have an extremely low risk of serious consequences. Immediately following a colonoscopy, you may experience little bleeding, cramps, and/or gas. These are temporary and shouldn’t be worried about. You can resume your regular diet immediately. 

If you see prolonged rectal bleeding or any other sign of excessive bleeding, you should contact your doctor immediately. Again, see a doctor immediately if you experience anything more than mild discomfort, including severe cramping, fever, or chills. Otherwise, you should be back to normal within a few days. 


If you are experiencing digestive issues and you want to know more about these procedures, please contact the Gastroenterology staff at Doral Health, located at 1797 Pitkin Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11212. The Endoscopy Treatment Center in Brooklyn is home to a number of well-regarded Gastroenterologists. Also, there is a Colonoscopy Doctor in Brooklyn whom you can visit. For the specialized care, you or a loved one requires, please contact us at 1-347-384-5690 or visit to schedule an appointment. 

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