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Virtual Colonoscopy

Virtual colonoscopy is a technique that uses a computerized tomographic (CT) scan (a type of three-dimensional x-ray) to construct virtual images of the colon that are similar to the views of the colon obtained by direct observation by optical colonoscopy. In preparation for virtual colonoscopy, the day before the examination, the colon is emptied using laxatives like a traditional colonoscopy. During the test, a small tube is inserted into the anus to inject and fill the colon with air. Unlike conventional colonoscopy, this tube is not advanced into the colon. The CT scan is then performed, and the scans are manipulated by computer software to form virtual images of the colon. When correctly performed, virtual colonoscopy can be as effective as routine colonoscopy. It can even find polyps “hiding” behind folds that occasionally are missed by traditional colonoscopy. The scanning takes only 10 minutes, and usually, no conscious sedation is necessary.


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