If you have this disease, also known as EPI, your pancreas fails to produce an adequate amount of proteolytic enzymes, which causes you to have trouble digesting meals. Enzymes are proteins that accelerate biochemical reactions. Pancreatic enzymes travel to the small intestine, which aids in digestion. Because of difficulties digesting lipids and absorbing certain vitamins and minerals, people with EPI often go hungry. It’s possible that you’ll have weight loss or stomach aches. Most patients can benefit from medications that replenish their enzyme stores and allow them to resume normal digestive function. In addition to medication, managing your symptoms may also involve adopting healthy dietary choices. Your doctor will suggest foods high in protein and other essential nutrients. Doral Health and Wellness Specialists at Endoscopy Treatment Center Brooklyn can give you further evaluation and assessment.   

Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) occurs because of what? 

A person’s pancreas is a digestive organ. One of its primary functions is producing enzymes that promote digestion and nutrient absorption. Not having enough digestive enzymes is a hallmark of EPI. Rather than being partially broken down in your stomach, food travels through your digestive system in its entirety. This prevents your body from obtaining the nutrients it requires from the food you eat. 

There are several distinct kinds of pancreatic enzymes. 

 What are the manifestations? 

While some of the symptoms of EPI overlap with most other gastrointestinal illnesses, there are also certain specific signs that point to this deficit. Among the most often observed symptoms are: 

 What methods are there for treating exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI)? 

When it comes to EPI, it’s never over. The goal of treatment is to restore nutritional balance to the body.  

 Methods of Treatment 

Your doctor may recommend specific vitamin supplements to help your body meet its nutritional needs. Your doctor may recommend that you take supplements rich in A, D, E, and K. Those who suffer from EPI have a more difficult time digesting and absorbing fat-soluble vitamins and minerals. 

Advice on Living a Healthy Life 

Aside from taking enzyme supplements, people who have this disease should refrain from engaging in behaviors that can interfere with the pancreas’s ability to perform its functions and with their general health and well-being. 

Modifications to one’s way of life may include: nutritional vitamins, with the supervision of a clinical practitioner, quitting smoking (if applicable), choosing to eat a healthy meal, mainly in line with a doctor’s recommendation about fats, increasing meal frequency while decreasing portion size, abstaining from liquor, and so on. 

By restoring regular eating and digestion, people with EPI can better absorb nutrients and have healthier lives after receiving treatment. 

Further screening and testing will be required before Doral Health and Wellness Specialists may recommend a course of treatment for you at the Endoscopy Treatment Center in Brooklyn. Take a bus, train, or skyway to get to Doral Health & Wellness. You may find it at 1797 Pitkin Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11212. Call us at 347-668-1016 to schedule an appointment, or check out http://www.gastroenterologybrooklyn.com/. 

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