Colorectal illnesses are quite prevalent. Some of them can produce obvious signs, such as stomach pain or rectal bleeding. Others might advance covertly, only being discovered through screenings. In both situations, skilled colorectal specialists can aid in the identification of symptoms and their underlying causes, as well as the early diagnosis of malignancies and other “invisible” diseases that are most treatable. 

The colon and rectum are impacted by the colorectal disease. When it comes to large intestines, there are two major parts, which are the colon and rectum. The following is a list of colorectal disorders and conditions: 


The risk of inflammatory diseases and inflammation in the colon is very significant. Any of the following may cause these: 


While some colorectal disorders, like polyps, have no symptoms, others can have quite a few. 

Some signs and symptoms you might experience are: 

The Doral Health and Wellness Gastroenterologists are top in their field. If you feel severe abdominal pain, it should be treated as an emergency. If your pain is sudden and severe, or if it is accompanied by any of the following symptoms of an unbearable gnawing type of pain, persistent vomiting, and nausea. You should seek medical attention right away. Please call us at 347-868-1016.  





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