¿Qué es el sangrado rectal?

Cualquier pérdida de sangre por el ano se puede clasificar como hemorragia rectal, mientras que el término se usa más comúnmente para describir la pérdida de sangre del intestino grueso o del recto. El recto es la parte del intestino grueso que se encuentran debajo del ombligo. Los signos de sangrado rectal incluyen evacuar heces […]

What is Celiac Axis Compression Syndrome?

This disorder, commonly called median arcuate ligament syndrome, occurs when the celiac axis, the main artery supplying blood to the organs of the upper abdomen, is compressed by a muscle fibrous band of the diaphragm. If you or a loved one is experiencing the signs of a digestive ailment, Endoscopy in Brownsville is the best […]

What is Rectal Bleeding? 

Any loss of blood from the anus can be classified as rectal bleeding, while the term is most commonly used to describe the loss of blood from the lower intestine or rectum. The rectum is the part of your big intestine below your belly button. Signs of rectal bleeding include passing blood-tinged stools or seeing […]

What is Short Gut Syndrome? 

In those with short bowel syndrome, a lack of adequate small intestine prevents them from properly digesting and absorbing the food they consume. The intestinal tract is responsible for absorbing most of the nutrients from your food. If you or a loved one are experiencing the symptoms of a digestive ailment, Endoscopy in Brownsville is […]

What are the Common Signs for Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding?

The digestive system consists of the structures and organs responsible for breaking down food and eliminating waste. When the digestive system below the stomach bleeds, it is called a lower GI bleed. Endoscopy in Brownsville is the best place for diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up care if you or a loved one are suffering symptoms of a digestive disease. In this […]

Gastrointestinal Effects of Food Poisoning

  Disease brought on by consuming tainted food is known as food poisoning or foodborne illness. Most cases of food poisoning are caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites, or by the poisons these organisms produce. At any stage of manufacturing or processing, food can be tainted by potential pathogens or their poisons. At home, contamination is […]

What is Microcystic Adenoma of the Pancreas? 

This tumor growth forms from acinar cells in the pancreas, and it is completely benign. It is composed of several small cysts containing mucus and surrounded by a layer of cells. Glycogen staining of the fluid is positive. Endoscopy in Brownsville is the place to go for diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up care if you or […]

What are the Signs of a Damaged Liver? 

More than 500 of the body’s functions are managed by the liver. There are essentially four classes into which its features fall. These include the processes of digestion, blood purification, immune system support, and blood coagulation. When the liver is unable to perform one of its functions, symptoms of damage will appear. Individuals may exhibit […]

Tratamiento Para La Sepsis Biliar

Daño al tejido interno como resultado de la defensa del cuerpo contra patógenos es lo que causa la sepsis, una enfermedad potencialmente fatal. Esto puede suceder cuando el cuerpo lucha contra una infección. Una función orgánica anormales los resultados de los mecanismos de defensa naturales del cuerpo contra infecciones que se vuelven disfuncionales en lugar […]

What are the Structural Diseases of the Gastrointestinal Tract? 

Those conditions known as “structural gastrointestinal illnesses” manifest clinically as an aberrant appearance of the intestine and a dysfunctional gastrointestinal tract. In extreme cases, surgical intervention is required to correct the underlying structural defect. Constraints, narrowing, hemorrhoids, diverticular disease, colorectal polyps, colon carcinoma, and inflammatory bowel disease are only a few of the structural gastrointestinal […]