Understanding Stomach Flu

  Inflammation, edema, and aggravation of the gastrointestinal tract lining are hallmarks of viral gastroenteritis. Infections can spread from the stomach to the small intestine and then to the large intestine. We frequently see cases of viral gastroenteritis. It often only lasts some days and does not necessitate medical attention. Dehydration, brought on by excessive […]

Treatment of Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding

Obtain emergency medical attention if you have any reason to believe that you may be experiencing internal bleeding. Treatment for an upper gastrointestinal bleed begins with restoring normal vital signs. This is because excessive blood loss can produce shock, which is fatal in some situations. As soon as you are stable enough, your doctor will […]

Bile Duct Cancer

Cholangiocarcinoma refers to cancer of the biliary tract, the tiny tubes that carry the digestive fluid bile. To get to the small intestine, the bile must first go through the gallbladder, which is connected to the liver. Cholangiocarcinoma is a cancer of the biliary tract that typically affects those over the age of 50. If […]

Acute Abdomen with Gastric Volvulus

With gastric volvulus, the stomach twists either longitudinally or transversely, blocking the gastric outlet and preventing digested food from entering the small intestine. Having a twisted stomach is another term for this condition. Ischemic damage might occur immediately in the case of acute gastric volvulus symptoms or gradually in the case of chronic symptoms. This […]

Facts About Indigestion

Rather than being an illness in and of itself, indigestion is usually a symptom of something more serious, including GERD, ulcers, or gallbladder disease. Constant or recurring pain and discomfort in the upper abdomen, sometimes known as dyspepsia. Endoscopy in Brownsville is the place to go for checkups and preventative care for your digestive system. […]

What is Endoscopy and Colonoscopy?

Your doctor may have suggested either a colonoscopy or endoscopy if you’ve been experiencing stomach problems. While both techniques examine the same anatomical region, they are put to different diagnostic uses. Endoscopy Brownsville is your one-stop shop for digestive health checks and preventative care. In addition, it offers Gerd and Heartburn Treatment in Brooklyn for […]

Treatment for Biliary Sepsis

Damage to internal tissues as a result of the body’s defense against pathogens is what causes sepsis, a potentially fatal sickness. This can happen when the body fights against infection. Abnormal organ function is the result of the body’s natural defense mechanisms against infection becoming dysfunctional rather than effective. The advancement of biliary tract sepsis […]

Intestinal Ischemia

Blood flow through the major vessels that supply your intestines slows, or even stops when you have intestinal ischemia. A blood clot blockage or a narrowing of an artery due to a buildup of deposits, such as cholesterol, are just a few of the many possible causes.   Is ischemia of the intestines a threat […]

3 Categories of Screening used by Gastroenterologists 

A gastroenterologist should be a part of your health care team when you’re experiencing digestive issues or have reached a certain age where colonoscopies are recommended.  A gastroenterologist receives specialized training in gastrointestinal procedures as part of their education. As a result, they are able to provide patients with a wide range of gastrointestinal disorders […]

Colon Cancer

You may have noticed some changes in your bowel movement, or have seen blood in your stool and have unexplained weight loss. These are some of the symptoms of colon cancer. For more info, please contact Doral Health and Wellness – Urology Center. Colon cancer is cancer that develops when you have a tumor growth […]