Some of your baby’s intestinal nerve cells (ganglion cells) may not develop normally, leading to a condition known as Hirschsprung’s disease or congenital aganglionic megacolon. This condition causes a delay in the movement of feces through the intestines. If your infant or child suffers from constipation, it’s because stool has built up and blocked the intestines and is unable to have normal bowel movements. Enterocolitis is a common bacterial infection that manifests with high body temperature, pain, and watery stools. 

These are typical in infants, but every baby will have his or her own set of signs and symptoms: 

  1. Inability to urinate within the initial two days of life 
  2. Stomach distention (stomach bloating) 
  3. Swollen belly 
  4. Vomiting, spewing out a brownish-green liquid 
  5. Babies can become irritable if they have constipation or gas. 
  6. Diarrhea 
  7. The passage of the meconium is the first sign of a delayed bowel movement. 
  8. Gradual onset of vomiting 
  9. Fever 
  10. Problems with bowel regularity, also known as digestive problems 

Hirschsprung’s disease can present itself later in life in children who did not initially show symptoms. 

What basically causes Hirschsprung’s illnesses? 

Researchers are baffled by the failure of ganglion cells to migrate to the rectal margin. However, genes may play a role, particularly if the length of the intestines is greater or if another family member has the condition. 

For instance, if one of the parents has Hirschsprung’s disease, the likelihood that the child will as well is increased. The probability rises if the mother has Hirschsprung’s disease. Accordingly,  Hirschsprung’s disease has an incidence rate between 3 and 12 percent, which means that if one child in a family has it, there is a 3–12% chance that another child from the same parents will also get sick. Accordingly, it is true that men are five times more likely to be diagnosed with Hirschsprung’s disease than women. Those individuals born with Down syndrome. 

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